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Cool Man

as the annoying young man on the bus, chatting on his mobile phone, said. There is something rather affected when people throw too many foreign phrases around.

We’d just been to see the Man Ray exhibition at Mjellby Konstmuseum for the second time. Back in July I’d simply checked out what was on, before Daughter arrived. I felt Man Ray would be pretty good for her, and was suitably gratified when she embraced the idea with enthusiasm. If she’d been the ‘cool man’ type, then I’m sure that’s what she would have said.

While I found it interesting enough, I did what I always do, and walked through it fairly swiftly, and then rested in the comfortable chairs, looking at the books on Man Ray, before having a look at the latest selection of Halmstadgruppen paintings. (There’s a rather nice geometric affair in blue, with a yellow stripe that I wouldn’t mind having on my wall at home.)

Daughter, on the other hand, took her time and looked at everything. In detail. I was glad. It’s good to know you’re not always dragging Offspring, kicking and screaming, to see ‘worthwhile’ things.

Wasn’t sure she’d want to go again, when we returned and found the exhibition was still on, but she did. Considering we had to get the bus this time, I’d say she really likes this Man Ray chap. Or at least his art.

I waltzed through faster than ever, and then rested more than usual, while leafing through the books. Looked longingly at the blue geometric piece with the yellow stripe.

Once we got to the museum shop, we checked the lot out. A Freud doll rather took our fancy. But what Daughter really, really wanted was the exhibition poster. I asked, and they said this time they hadn’t printed any to sell. But we could have the small flyer, showing the same picture of Man Ray…

Man Ray, Mjellby Konstmuseum

Well thank you. But it’s not the same, is it? And I should have thought that selling the poster would be one of the more obvious things to choose. They made a whole book from the exhibition, so why stop at the poster-printing?

Seasons zero, eleven and five

So, as September approaches, we get no Red at all. I’m neither upset over, nor surprised by, the lack of success of Red in the NCIS stable. Where I felt NCIS: LA was viable after the two pilot episodes, I never saw Red as anywhere near the same.

I didn’t need LA to happen, but I enjoy it. Red I really don’t believe I would have watched, unless CBS had cleverly inserted some real NCIS here and there, ‘forcing’ me to join in. But it seems CBS want to protect what they’ve got, and not dilute their efforts on the mobile team.

The real NCIS. Yes. We’ll have to see how that goes. Season ten started with OK stuff and then ran out of anything really stirring. The last episode was sort of exciting, but if you remove the threat of all the agents leaving, and the fact that they really can’t have Gibbs shooting Fornell (at least for real), there is very little left, except how they get them back again.

I’m hoping they won’t kill Ziva. It would be refreshing to have someone retire and still live.

And then there’s LA. That was some cliffhanger they gave us. More literally than most occasions when you use the word cliffhanger. My second-in-command keeps saying that either Deeks or Kensi will have to go. I disagree. I don’t think they’ll do that. How to solve the kiss conundrum, though, I don’t know.

As for Mrs Hannah, I suppose they could kill her off. Hope not, because then we will have another agent with a dead wife. A motherless child.

NCIS: LA - 100th cake and team

I can’t believe that LA have already reached (at least while filming) its 100th episode. They are a mere baby! But since big brother will celebrate its 250th, I suppose they really are that old.

One month to go. Might have to rerun season ten, to get in the mood properly.

NCIS – Recoil

Ziva, Recoil

Now that Ziva will be disappearing (nicely, I hope) I watched Recoil from season five, again. It’s one I like, although it’s painful to see Ziva slowly unravelling in a most un-Ziva like manner.

Ziva, Recoil

I’d forgotten how fast things turn bad in Recoil. When I think back it seems like the first few minutes should last through half the show.

NCIS - Recoil

But for someone who kills all the time (or so it seems), while showing little compunction (or so it seems), here Ziva clearly can’t sleep, if the shadows under her eyes are anything to go by.

Ziva, Recoil

She leaves her hair down. Not only down, but seductively curly. Except one morning when the hair looks a little flat, rather like poor Ziva.

Ziva, Recoil

It’s a great episode for several reasons. We have two good main suspects; one who seems nice (but we know that nice is often quite bad) and one who looks shifty (and has some reason to, but no more than that). And then it turns out that neither of them did it.

Ziva, Recoil

At the end you can tell Ziva’s feeling better, because her hair is under control again. Unfortunately. Although I suppose federal agents can’t go round with seductive hair all the time. Except, she wasn’t a fed at the time. Mossad. They might have even stricter hair-rules.

Ziva ans Gibbs, Recoil

Photos © CBS

More Thor

For one crazy moment I thought I was sitting down to blog about something for the second time. I looked at the CultureWitch page and saw the name Thor, and was surprised because I couldn’t recall having blogged about the film Thor already. I hadn’t. There was a Thor in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Shortly afterwards when Daughter insisted on watching a film, we were somehow coerced into choosing Thor. It was all right. In fact, as entertainment it was perfectly fine. I suffered an elderly moment when I had to ask what Thor’s brother’s name was. I knew I knew. I just couldn’t find it in that dark cave where I keep my information. Loki.

Naturally. I didn’t like him in The Avengers, and he was no better before (seeing as I appear to watch the films backwards). I’m not much of a fan of blondes, but I preferred Chris Hemsworth to Tom Hiddleston. And I never quite know where I am with Stellan Skarsgård.

Chris Hemsworth - Thor

It makes a change to have an action film featuring Norse gods, as opposed to modern agents or aliens and that sort of thing. I just don’t have a lot of enthusiasm for Norse gods. But I reckon I can manage to watch the other films (whatever they are, because I am not keeping track). Captain America was fine. Yes, it clearly has something to do with who plays the hero.

And there is always humour in the outsider’s baffled reaction to what we believe is normal.

That Puppet Game Show

Well that was a bit of a wash-out. The pre-show comments on That Puppet Game Show sounded so positive I almost didn’t hesitate to sit the Resident IT Consultant down in front of the box to eat dinner. I’m lucky he didn’t choke on the carrot sticks.

I was so keen I watched despite the first guest being Jonathan Ross. I was so keen I watched despite it being a game show. I don’t generally watch game shows, and especially not on a Saturday night when all right thinking people know there is nothing to watch if it’s not on BBC4.

The thing is, Jonathan Ross was among the best things on the show, and that is not a comment I make lightly. Even Katherine Jenkins was a little disappointing. Muppets/Puppets don’t belong with simple minded games. They are to be connected with highly intelligent humour, and there was only a tiny bit of amusement to be found mainly in the backstage happenings.

Singing sausages and Martini-drinking armadillos. I don’t think so.

In future we will choke – or not – on our carrot sticks in the kitchen, completely sans any puppets.

Going all Potter-ish over Who

Matt Smith looks like Christopher Eccleston all of a sudden, having done a Hermione Granger and cut his hair off. I suppose it can be a disadvantage having to nurse a certain amount of hair for the duration of whatever you’re doing.

It felt as if the BBC went all Harry Potter on us, making so much of the announcement of the 12th Doctor. Not Steve Cole, I’m sorry to say. I’d been hoping…

For a few moments I was disappointed when it turned out that it’s Peter Capaldi who is Who. But it didn’t last long. He’ll do fine. Another Scotsman is an asset, especially an Italian Scotsman, and an ‘older’ man at that.

At first the special BBC1 programme felt rather weak, but it got better as it went along. Peter Davison is always lovely, and the two fans were worryingly young. Nice to see so many companions, many of whom I don’t know at all.

Now we have to wait and see what Peter Capaldi gets to wear. One hopes he will wear something. Kilt perhaps?

(This is what it was like last time.)