Holiday Foyle

It’s funny how you tend to watch different things on television when you’re on holiday. And I don’t mean because you are somewhere else and different things are offered. Is there anywhere that doesn’t give you Midsomer Murders and Foyle’s War?

It’s been a long time since I gave up on Midsomer Murders in Britain, but almost caught the ‘Swedish’ episode last night. I didn’t, simply because it was after Allsång på Skansen, and I wanted a break. This evening I gave Foyle’s War a go, as we really needed to watch something – anything – after a whole day of rain and cold. I’ve not seen that for a while, either. Mostly due to conflicting programming.

With my luck, the Resident IT Consultant had already seen this episode, The Eternity Ring, the first in season eight. It was enjoyable enough. But I wish that TV4 here believed in breaks for commercials. They simply cut in the middle of whatever is happening and give you up to ten minutes of the most inane advertising. (Come back ITV; all is forgiven!)

I like Miss Pierce, and I love Sam. She reminds me of someone, and after ten years, I am still wondering who it might be.

Foyle's War

The new ‘series’ looks promising. It’s not in Hastings, which is a shame. And it is hardly a series. Three episodes might, at a pinch, qualify as a mini-series. On the other hand, three episodes can be fitted into a holiday. And I might be spared another viewing of The Party on video, now we’ve ascertained the video player does work.

So it’s all good.

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