Tea time

We drove to Scotland a couple of weeks ago. We mainly seemed to travel the scenic route. Scenic is nice.

Driving through Fife we didn’t come across all that many places to stop for tea, even though the beautiful countryside was screaming out to be allowed quaint tearooms all over the place. But we found one, where and when we wanted it.

Turning off in Auchtermuchty we noticed a sign for the Tannochbrae Tearoom. Very Dr Finlay. Auchtermuchty was possibly the sleepiest little town I’ve ever stopped in. But it said Open on the door. The light was on. The door was, however, locked. But after a fair bit of pulling (nothing will stop this witch from her tea and cake!) a man appeared from round the corner, with the key, letting us in.

Not much had changed since the days of Dr Finlay, I’d say. And it was quiet. Did I mention that?

We had tea and coffee, toasted teacake and lovely lemon and lime cake. With cream. So that was all right.

On our way south going home, we left the motorway for elevenses in Lockerbie, where the Resident IT Consultant has found a popular little town eating place, the 91 café. It’s friendlier than a service area and has home baked cakes to eat with mugs of tea and coffee. It’s nearly always full, which is as good a sign of worthwhileness as any.

And then, we needed somewhere to eat our lunch sandwiches a little further south. Time-wise Killington Lake Services was a good place to stop, and I knew they had a picnic area. Somewhere to sit and look at the lake as you munch your home made cheese sandwich.

It would have been nice to look at the lake. It was there. So was the weather. It didn’t rain. It wasn’t too cold, or too crowded.

Killington Lake Services picnic area

But we looked the other way, at the ‘woodland.’

We just didn’t feel the lake view was conducive to enjoying any kind of lunch.

Killington Lake Services picnic area

You’d think that perhaps the effect of Monday morning after a busy weekend could have caused the non-emptying of the bins. Not an excuse, but a possible explanation. But all the other bins, in the car park and near the shop and café were nice and empty.

I hope they weren’t trying to put people off eating ‘for free’ in an attempt to get us to go in and spend money. If they weren’t – and they ought not to – they should have better staff guidelines on what needs doing, and when. A little reminder that the picnic area might be overflowing in an unhygenic way.

And who on earth thought that putting the bin between the table and the lake view was a good thing in the first place? There was a perfectly serviceable corner at the back.

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