More bridges everywhere

Not that I liked The Bridge, as some of you might recall. But I was quite interested to read that they are making more bridges. And I don’t mean the second season, which you are probably already waiting for.

What is happening is they are making other versions of The Bridge. A bit like they did with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, where the Americans either felt they could do better, or that the world needed an English speaking version. But in this instance it’s the same people (i.e. the SweDanes) who are making the alternatives as well.

There will be an American ‘Bridge’ – naturally – set on the Mexican border. Another will be British/French, complete with corpse of politician in the Channel tunnel. That one will feature people trying to enter the UK, while the US version will cover drugs and trafficking and things.

They have kept some of the characters, and changed others for what will work better in the respective countries.

I will sit back and await the verdict on these new ‘bridges.’


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