Roger on tour

Tomorrow Roger Whittaker starts off on his latest (or will this one really be the last?) tour. It is much shorter than before, and it sounds like they hand-picked the towns and cities he will be appearing in. The first concert is in Halle/Saale.

Then it’s on to Rostock, Cottbus, Leipzig, Chemnitz, Berlin, Dresden, Erfurt, Magdeburg, Hamburg and finishing in Wien on the 10th of May.

I’m not going this time. It would have been nice, but it’s an awkward time of year, while hopefully being clear of the flu season for Roger and his band. And the dates and the venues didn’t match well for travelling from where I’d be travelling from.

Maybe next last tour??

Roger Whittaker


2 responses to “Roger on tour

  1. Tim mC Caffrey

    I’m afraid ol’ Rog has finally given in to poor health and the ageing process and he won’t be performing again……..a long career, some great songs, but he should have retired while his voice still had a little of it’s old magic left perhaps eight or so years ago. Still he was a unique entertainer and wrote some great songs.

  2. He still IS. And many of us are glad to have seen so much of Roger in recent years.

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