Sleeping Beauty

Maybe it’s because I’m a little obsessed with houses at the moment, but I discovered a ‘new’ one the other day. Victorian, but new to me. I hadn’t walked near the park for a while, so was surprised to see something I’d never seen before. I  stopped and stood there, staring. Crossed the street to look more closely.

After a bit I came to the conclusion that the reason I’d never noticed this large Victorian house in the 25 years we’ve lived here was because it must have been hidden, Sleeping Beauty style. There could have been lots of greenery between the pavement and the house. And now the prince has come, putting it up for sale.

It’s a fantastic house, if you allow for it being old and tired looking. I’m guessing it has either stood empty for a while, or that someone elderly has lived there, unable to do much with it.

Hidden gem

The garage has to go, but other than that, it’s wonderful. It wants a lot of work doing to it. Not by me, I hasten to add. But it’s the kind of house that makes my fingers itch.


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