Arne Dahl

Perkele, that was bad.

Besides, why would one want a television programme/series/show whatever named after the author? ‘Hey, want to watch Henning Mankell tonight?’ That could lead to misunderstandings.

Not only was it bad and embarrassing, but we never got to the end. BBC4 didn’t say how many episodes, but we saw 90 minutes of it, and IMDb says it’s a 180 minutes long film. So ‘just’ one more Saturday? Can we take it, or do we leave ourselves ignorant of what the Russian mafia did?

Took a strong dislike to Paul Hjelm; both the role and the actor. The boss lady was reasonably brisk, and the ‘Finn’ was fun. Calling your children by number is efficient, although leaving one behind on the pavement less so.

But honestly. This left me ashamed to be Swedish. If you’re seeing red, that will be my cheeks.

Arne Dahl, Misterioso

3 responses to “Arne Dahl

  1. OK, we caved in and watched the second half. Decided it couldn’t be too bad. Though why the translator made the cheese sandwich into toast, I have no idea.
    I hope the police aren’t quite such bumbling fools, but suspect they are.
    Continued hating Hjelm, but Jorge and Number Nine were both enjoyable.

  2. I found Hjelm just as annoying in the books, actually (although the actor gets plus points for not having been in eight other series. It’s really a bit confusing when one’s favourite psychic policeman turns up as a slightly dodgy bisexual politician etc.) The Finnish character – Arto, I think – and Jorge were some of my favourites anyway. But I re-read quite a few of Dahl’s books over the last few months, and was reminded of how…odd the plotting and characterisation is, even if the literary style is catchy. With that background, the TV series is surprisingly logical!

    (I did think the first two episodes were the weakest, though.)

  3. Well, that’s vaguely encouraging. I read the listing for the next one on television and the plot sounded OK. Just decided I couldn’t take more of Hjelm.
    In his book Nordic Noir, Barry Forshaw is quite enthusiastic both about the books and the films.

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