Song for Marion

Song for Marion

My companion cried buckets, and I have to admit to having been not totally unaffected. But at least I didn’t disgrace myself by being lukewarm about Song for Marion. It’s another film full of old people, and it’s high time film makers realise that old people have a place in films. In fact, Song for Marion only had a few token young people in it. About time.

Song for Marion

To be perfectly honest, I thought that Vanessa Redgrave as the dying Marion wasn’t all that marvellous. But Terence Stamp as her loving, but unsmiling, husband Arthur was pretty good, and the group of elderly singers Marion meets every week at the community centre were great fun.

OK, they were only singing about sex, but otherwise it was my second film in a week featuring OAPs and community classes and sex. It must be the thing to do. Gemma Arterton as the music teacher got her oldies to go metal and sexy and generally quite young and with it. Never mind that some had to be carted off in an ambulance for over-stretching themselves with the dancing and prancing.

Song for Marion

They had fun!

So did we when we weren’t weeping and snivelling into our hankies. Which only leaves me wondering why the film lasted barely any time at all in the cinemas?

Christopher Eccleston did well as the grieving son, not getting on with his cantankerous father. Very easy to identify with what he was feeling. Perhaps the northern characters were a little bit too northern. We don’t all live in the south.

The judges in the choir competition were clearly modelled on certain judges on television. Perhaps too stereotyped, and something that might not age well with the film. Would people know why they were so rude, and suddenly so weepy, ten years from now? That’s if a film like this survives into the future.

Song for Marion

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