El mundo es nuestro

You don’t often get films that are a delight from beginning to end, with a great deal of humour and excitement, as well as having a political message. El mundo es nuestro has all of that, and packs it in in under an hour and a half. Good thing, probably, since I don’t know how long we could have gone on laughing without damaging something vital.

Last night at Cornerhouse was the second and last screening of El mundo es nuestro, so if you haven’t already been, I’m sorry, but you’re too late. Although, you could buy it, and help support a poverty stricken film venture. And when you’ve seen the film, tell all your friends.

El mundo es nuestro

The plot is simple enough, but simple usually works best. Two crazy small time crooks decide to rob a bank. They are no good at it, and the heist goes wrong and there are so many improbable developments that you wouldn’t believe it. But basically, the two end up taking the people in the bank hostage.

El mundo es nuestro

We get to know the life stories – almost – of the bank’s customers, and also that of the police on the outside, while they are working to resolve the hostage situation. This being Seville, religion and tradition have their parts to play, and having a police officer from Burgos is not so good. Or perhaps it is.

El mundo es nuestro

It’s mostly about Spain sinking quickly into its ‘unexpected’ financial crisis, and the effect this has on ordinary citizens. It’s a film with a heart (a very big heart) and it is very Spanish, and incredibly funny. My companion laughed like crazy throughout, and left Cornerhouse looking up where she could buy the DVD, so she can watch it again, and subject all her friends to the film as well.

It’s just wonderful!

7 responses to “El mundo es nuestro

  1. It’s nice to see how english people also enjoy this film as we spanish people do.

  2. Me alegro que las criticas inglesas sean muy buenas.
    Que les haya gustado !! así sabemos que hasta fuera de nuestra frontera se entiende la película !!
    Espero que reciba muchos premios, ya que aquí en España, recibieron los justos y precisos y no fueron ni propuestos para los Goya.

  3. Si, me ha gusto mucho.
    And that, is as much Spanish as you’ll get out of me today. It’s a long time since I was at school, but it has been wonderful to see you all here today.
    I would like to watch many more Spanish language films, and it’s a shame we need a special festival to get them.

  4. I see you understood the film as well as we did. It´s a great recognition for Alfonso Sánchez´s crew

  5. I noticed on facebook that someone asked if the film is dubbed or subtitled. It’s subtitled, which is the commonest solution here (unless it’s a children’s film, and they can’t read).

  6. Really cool film.

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