La vida empieza hoy

I’ve said it before; the Spanish are far more open about sex. La vida empieza hoy is a rather sweet and humorous film about growing old, and about ‘discovering’ sex.

‘But you are 70 years old!’ is what the rather blinkered middle generation says to their ageing parents as they discover the old people might actually have an interest in sex. So they pretended they were going to exercise classes, when in actual fact they were attending (re)discover sex classes for the elderly.

La vida empieza hoy

This is a funny and charming film where the grandfather moves in with his son’s family, meets a new love, and finds he can talk more about this with his teenaged grandson (and that’s not all they do) than with his son.

We have the woman whose daughter gives up her own happiness for her ‘old’ mother, and is furious to find this old person has a new life, which includes a boyfriend.

The grandparents who have no time for each other, what with looking after the grandchildren, leading to gran visiting a sex shop accompanied by toddler and baby in a pushchair.

La vida empieza hoy

Or the archetypal older Spanish widow who thinks primarily about death, until she discovers her inner sensuality, and the ‘chickpea,’ to the extent that she wants to divorce her dead husband.

La vida empieza hoy

Wonderful film! So don’t write off all oldies just yet.

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