I suppose Shetland is about as Nordic as you get while staying in Britain. If the Shetlanders do feel British? The dramatisation of the Shetland Quartet crime novels by Ann Cleeves was quite enjoyable. Could have been better, but I am not saying there’s anything the matter with Ann’s novels. I’ve not read them, but have heard good things about them.


We’ve been spoilt with gritty and dark Nordic crime series. This wasn’t dark enough, and I’m talking daylight hours. If it was set in January, I have to say it was jolly light outside at most times, but especially so after nine at night. But they needed Up Helly Aa for the plot, so could hardly move it to June.

But then, it’s only me being picky.

While I’m picking, subtitles would have been more than welcome. I had trouble understanding people when I visited Shetland, many years ago. I got no better at understanding them this weekend. Had trouble with the plot, as well, but then this kind of thing might suffer when you only have two hours at your disposal. Twenty hours, or even ten, leaves room for all that lovely Danish grit.

He had the jumper for it, though, did Jimmy Perez. Not the looks for a Perez, however, according to someone who knows. I found it refreshing to see so many unknown actors at work. Sometimes too many stars can be a mistake.


Here the landscape was the star. They’d be inundated with tourists after this, were it not for the fact that you either get seasick expensively, or fly tiny planes equally expensively.

Puzzled by Berglund. Was he supposed to be Swedish? The Swedes were amply represented by Tosh’s Fjällräven jacket.

I wonder if there will be more? Shetland, I mean. Not so much the jackets, or even the jumpers.


3 responses to “Shetland

  1. Yes, agree, Ann. The place was definitely the star and although not darkly Nordic enough, the look of it was stunning, all part of the art… Liked the relationship between Perez and Tosh too. Be interested to see more, if they do them. (And weirdly, we used to know one of the organisers of that Shetland Bus, so gave it all an extra meaning, somehow.)

  2. We had an exhibition about the Shetland Bus at church. And I just knew it all hinged around that.

  3. David Howarth, was our friend’s name. Does that ring any bells, I wonder? He wrote several books about it and there was a film. Clever Witch, though, I’d expect no less;)

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