NCIS – Detour

Palmer and Ducky

While you know they are not going to kill two of the regular team just like that – probably –  Detour was still exciting. It’s one of the few really enjoyable episodes this season, and all the better for letting Ducky and Palmer take the lead.

(I was fascinated to see quite how many tweets Brian Dietzen produced soon after the episode aired. He was right to be proud.)


Even if you hadn’t read about it in advance, the signs that something would happen to the two good doctors were there from the start. Using the clichéd phrases we’ve heard for years took on a new meaning when you knew it wouldn’t be quite the same as it usually is.

‘A most interesting autopsy’ is one way of putting it. Not the only one Ducky has done in the rough, but more spectacular. Going on about how good a brain Ducky has, suggested that he’d need to use it.


And then you have the ‘unfeeling’ way of talking about dead bodies to the baddies; ‘I can peel back the skin if you like.’ It’s good to see how much can be achieved by using brains rather than brawn, or conventional weapons. This was not an episode about those who are less able. They are just different.

Always so formal with each other, it was telling when that Ducky started calling Palmer Mr and changed it to Jimmy.

Ducky and Palmer

I have no idea what Prestige 6, or even 7, might be. Something for the young. They bickered like father and son. Wonderful!

(Photos © CBS)


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