Not so fast

Isn’t it funny how they work in those fast food outlets?

While some people (those who sensibly ask for the ‘normal’ food off the menu) get served immediately, some of us with weird tastes are kept standing there, and standing there, and then standing some more.

That’s the veggie option in burger places. I just don’t understand how one burger can be faster than another. (Unless horse runs that much faster than beans/quorn/soya?)

Anyway, I didn’t mean to get onto that topic here. It’s the chilli cheese bites I’m on about. I ‘never’ buy food from burger places, except sometimes when catching a train, I like the idea of something hot and small and tasty to eat. Chilli cheese bites are good for that. They are also rather slow.

You want them hot, or at least warm, so you don’t want to buy them too soon. On the other hand, it’s not much fun standing there, watching the burger eaters walk away with their food, while I’m wondering if I’ll miss my train.

I would obviously opt to miss the food, if it came to the crunch, but why are they so SLOW?


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