Waiting for ¡Viva!

With less than two weeks until the 2013 ¡Viva! film festival at Cornerhouse, I am trying to gauge how many films I will be able to manage. As usual there are a lot of promising looking films, both from Spain and from Latin America.

¡Viva! programme 2013

It’d be easy to think that perhaps these unknown (=non-English language) countries might have a few films to offer every year. But it’s worth remembering that a lot of people live in Spanish speaking countries, and they have their own film industries, just like Hollywood and others.

And it can’t be just me who looks at what our ordinary cinemas have to offer, only to decide that there is nothing that will tempt me out of the house, to spend time and money on.

So to find quite so many tempting films on offer for every ¡Viva! every year, feels pretty exciting. With little knowledge of actors or directors, it’s mostly a case of reading blurbs and making wild guesses at what will be suitable.

So far I can’t think of a single one I haven’t liked.

¡Viva! programme 2013


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