A long Trek

In August 1970 I visited England for two weeks, and fell in love with Star Trek. I have been a fan ever since.

Mr Spock

There’s just one thing. I kept this fandom going on the strength of two episodes. (Don’t ask me which ones.) Two week visit = two episodes. This was the olden days. No videos, box sets or iPlayer.

Living in a television hinterland, I still returned home full of hope that Star Trek would soon make it to Swedish screens. It never did. Well, I suppose it did eventually, but not during my long period of hope. I did an awful lot of dreaming.

And that was it.

My first years in England were also pretty strange. We didn’t have a television. I think it was money, because one of the first things I did when the Resident IT Consultant did a long spell of non-resident IT consulting, keeping him away from home, but being paid extra for it, was to go out and buy a set.

Perhaps Star Trek was available back then. I don’t know. My immediate urgency had gone away, and the years passed. Then there were all these new ‘fakes’ and I didn’t have an interest in something not featuring my Mr Spock.

And then last year, I suddenly thought that with just about everything being available in some form or other, maybe now was the time to catch up. I got hold of the original series, but still held back. Wasn’t sure what the Resident IT Consultant would say to dinner with Spock.

But one day he started going on about wanting more science fiction in his life, and I picked up the courage to ask if that meant we could watch Star Trek. It did.

So here we are, 45 years late.


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