NCIS – Shiva

They seem to specialise in writing a good episode, ‘to be continued’ by a less riveting affair, don’t they? I felt Shiva was nothing but sentiment. It had none of the Kill Ari thrill, where every scene was full of everything you could possibly want.


Gibbs is getting soft in his old age, while DiNozzo occasionally comes across really well. Funny how we get to visit his apartment so soon again, now that we’ve finally been allowed in. I was hoping he’d introduce Ziva to Kate the goldfish, despite her grief. But he didn’t.

We have a new father figure for Ziva already, with the return of Schmeil. Let’s hope he lasts. We also have a new Mossad baddie, not to mention a completely hopeless Deputy Director. You can’t have someone like this Craig! Not in a job like that. And if they have deputies, why on earth has Gibbs been deputising in the past?

I know why. It’s plot driven. Pure fiction.

And did they know they had two – seemingly – unrelated Swedes? I mean that the Swedishness was unrelated, not the men.

Funeral of Mrs Vance

Photos © CBS


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