It’s enough to make anyone go crazy

Politics, you know. Maybe we should be less harsh on our own politicians, especially those in power. Who Have All Gone Absolutely Mad.

Now that we see quite how crazed the post of Prime Minister has made Birgitte – and she started out so very sensible – it explains how less wise men have turned certifiable in such a short time.

Political power… I wouldn’t wish it on my best friend, and I don’t want to be ruled by my enemies.

And how easy it is to do something a little silly. The kind of thing that us ‘normals’ get away with every day. Go celibate and don’t drink. Do the Danish thing and stick to smoking in the cold. Unhealthy, but you stay almost sane.

Who’s going to replace poor Höxenhaven? His smarmy face was getting to me, but we are losing politicians by the bucketful. That dreadful Minister of Finance is bound to smarm even more now.

Katrine and Hanne

We had carelessly discussed interns earlier in the day. For a totally different reason, but the name Lewinsky came up. Oh dear. It was the witchiness again.

Do ex-politicians go back to normal afterwards? Or do they simply regret the passing of power?

I agree with Daughter; it is sad when labour parties no longer have workers working for them. But at least the lady journalists stood up to their shady boss. They did, didn’t they? Hope it wasn’t just a passing phase.


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