NCIS – Shabbat Shalom

Well, well. This was the first episode crying out to be written about since, since… Probably since the end of season nine.

Eli and Ziva David

I wonder how they do it? The scriptwriting, or the plotting; do they gather and discuss who or how many recurring roles they can kill off in one episode? This was quite astounding, considering all the people who survived the bomb blast in May. Could it be they are after getting rid of Director Vance?

Mrs and Director Vance

You could tell that Eli David was for it. My companion expected him to have a heart attack, but I felt that standing up at dinner was a risky move to make. You could also tell the Vances weren’t going to have their cosy evening in, but we didn’t see the obstacles quite in this way.

Cunning build-up, too. Start with some fishing, and the usual (fake) Navy murder victim, and move sideways to cosy family stuff, and on to top of the range politics, and then, kaboom! Pretty good, even if it was upsetting.

Let’s see how they can disappoint me next week.

(It was written by Christopher J Waild. At the moment I can’t recollect where he stands in my list of writers. He’s moved up, wherever he started.)

Photos © CBS


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