Saved by the puzzles

We knew we needed to do something. You can’t have everyone together for Christmas and have no plan at all. (And expect it to work, I mean.) The Resident IT Consultant issued an order well in advance that we had to do some jigsaw puzzled when the Grandmother arrived.

She is a bit of a pro. Whenever I visit and want to spread my laptop out, I have to shift a jigsaw puzzle. She ‘test drives’ them for Oxfam. It’s best to know whether what you try to sell has all the pieces, so she does that. Me, I can’t see well enough to differentiate between this piece of sky or that piece of sky. (Progressive specs are all very well, but there are areas in-between where I just can’t focus.)

So they puzzled and I made tea. Fair exchange.

I realised – belatedly – that we should have asked for a jigsaw puzzle table when Offspring did their woodwork for GCSE. Is it too late to ask them to return to secondary school and do the course again?

Jigsaw puzzle

Speaking of woodwork, that is what is behind the puzzles. The Resident IT Consultant’s grandfather made them. The whole extended family has loads of jigsaw puzzles, and when we’ve had enough, we swap.

He would search for interesting pictures (I think the most ‘different’ jigsaw picture I’ve seen was the enormous one of Earth as seen from above the North Pole), stick them onto a sheet of plywood and then attack it with the jigsaw, cutting out the oddest shapes. This means you can never guess what shape you are searching for. It also doesn’t help that there is no image, so you have no idea what you are working towards.

The jigsaw puzzles

I have a shelf full of handsewn fabric bags filled with jigsaw pieces. Some of the smaller ones live in old cake tins. And I keep meaning to make sure that as soon as a jigsaw puzzle has been completed, we will take a photo of it. But somehow, in the heat of the moment, this tends to get forgotten.

We – I mean they – went through a lot of them over Christmas. It helped that we had some ‘fresh’ ones in from Aunt Scarborough.

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