Borgen, here we come

Four episodes in one day might just have been a couple too many. I felt a bit like you do when you should have stopped after the second helping of cake, but didn’t.

Borgen, season two, starts this weekend. And as Daughter had omitted to watch the first lot, and omitted believing the old people that it was worth seeing, she had some catching up to do. And I ‘had to’ keep her company, which is why we consumed ten episodes in six days.

How come she took the word of her peers, when they said it was a must-see? I said the same thing.

Anyway, she liked it, and we are now sorted for Saturday. It was hard at first to accept you can walk down dark alleys alone, because if it isn’t The Killing, you will be fine. And watching it all again, so fast, it was fascinating seeing Birgitte’s marriage breaking down. (I don’t mean that badly. It simply became so much more clear.)

3 responses to “Borgen, here we come

  1. Series two screened here before Christmas – very interesting. And pondering Danish politics before dozing off at night is much more pleasant than having nightmares about violent death, which is what has happened with other Scandinavian shows…

    (Apparently, public opinion in Denmark wishes the actual PM was more like Brigitte! Rather like the West Wing as an alternative to George Bush, although the gulf between fiction and reality is obviously smaller in the former example.)

    Happy New Year, incidentally!

  2. Prosit Neujahr, as they say in Vienna!

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