The Dance of Death

The Dance of Death

It was good. Or it wasn’t. It all depends on which review you read. This one is pretty good. I mean, it is a positive review, but it is also good, because it actually mentions someone who put in a lot of work on The Dance of Death by August Strindberg; the literal translator, aka Son. Mine, not Strindberg’s.

The Dance of Death

He was invited to the press night earlier this week, and I gather he was surprised to find quite a few of his words were still in the play. He had half hoped the artistic interpretation by Conor McPherson would place it on a spaceship or something.

Because of the circumstances I had been very tempted to go and see it myself (it’s on at the Donmar at the Trafalgar Studios until January 5th), but decided that even Son’s translation would not make me want to travel to London the week before Christmas in order to sit through a couple of hours of Strindberg. I have no reason to believe The Dance of Death will ever count as cheerful.

©Simon Kane - The Dance of Death, Kevin R McNally as the Captain

©Simon Kane - The Dance of Death, Indira Varma as Alice

©Simon Kane - The Dance of Death, Daniel Lapaine as Kurt

It just goes to show I was not totally misguided in persevering with that foreign language for all those years. Admittedly, I did not have Strindberg translations in mind back then, but someone has to do them.

(I had half angled for a review of the play, but not only is he busy translating other stuff, but he might be too close. So this is all you get.)

3 responses to “The Dance of Death

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  2. Congratulations to Ian! (But yes, the combination of London before Christmas + Strindberg doesn’t sound conducive to seasonal good cheer.)

  3. They went to see Carol Ann Duffy’s Rats’ Tales this week, and Dodo pointed out it was a lot more watchable than The Dance of Death…

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