Lucia in Edinburgh

It’s tradition (I don’t know since how long) that the first year students of Swedish at the University of Edinburgh do Lucia for everyone else. According to Son – who was not one of them – this year’s crop was the best he’s seen.

Yes, they were good. Perhaps they walked a little faster than people born to it would have, and sang a little faster, too. But considering they have only been learning the language for a few months, they did remarkably well.

Dress was a bit mixed, but they were all wearing white, in some form or other. And it’s brave to adopt a peculiar tradition like Lucia, allowing people to put candles on your head or tie tinsel round you or worse.

Here they are. Foreign Modern Languages aren’t completely dead yet.

One response to “Lucia in Edinburgh

  1. And for comparison’s sake here you have the Liverpool lucia, with children from the Nordic church. They have the tunes in their blood, and Lucia might have been born in the UK, but she speaks and sings with a real Swedish local accent. That is also modern languages, in some way.

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