NCIS: Los Angeles – Season 4 so far

So, what do we think of the new season of NCIS: Los Angeles? The fact that I haven’t blogged about it yet could be an indication. That’s two months with little inclination to say, well, anything.

In fact, watching the second half of the double episode – which strangely was split over a the gap week of the US election – I had some difficulty remembering what the first half had been about. I recalled it as soon as we had the ‘previously on…’ bit, but in the two weeks I’d not given it enough thought to help me remember.


I enjoy watching it still. I look forward to a new week with both the shows. But something has been lost. Wondered if the timing over the election week was done in case viewers forgot about them, and only a double episode would guarantee our return?

Didn’t feel comfortable with the way Sam’s life developed last week. It can only lead to grief, or maybe incredulity. And what kind of end was that? It didn’t say it would be continued, so I’m guessing it really was an end.

Nell and Eric need to stop the flirting. On or off; either is fine. The middle ground isn’t. Granger is growing on me. Time to stop hating the man, perhaps?

Callen, Sam and Hetty

(Photo © CBS)

2 responses to “NCIS: Los Angeles – Season 4 so far

  1. What is up with Nell’s hair? The ear showing and the little ponytail have got to go, oh she has got to go, please get her off the show!

  2. Ah, you don’t like Nell…

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