Slow conversion

I am slowly – very slowly – converting LPs to mp3. It’s not as though it’s hard to do, nor do I own hundreds of LPs.

But each normal length LP probably requires an hour’s attention to convert, and that is less easy to find than I had imagined. You need to sit with the record deck and the laptop as it plays, and click new track for each new track. If I were to do anything else at the same time I’d just forget, and end up having to do it all over again. So, false economy with time.

At first I only intended to do my Roger Whittaker albums, since a surprising number of his songs only exist on vinyl, and I noticed I was forgetting some of them because they weren’t part of the iPod shuffle.

Joan Baez

But as I discovered how good I felt reconnecting with his albums, I decided I would do all my LPs, unless I already had them in a newer format. So I am mixing Roger with all the other old albums. I did a Pete Seeger one the other day, and have been enjoying my first Joan Baez double album from forty years ago.

When I persuaded the Resident IT Consultant it would be a good idea to convert, I fondly imagined an LP a week would be a realistic goal. With my current speed (or lack thereof) I’ll be forever doing this. But at least I will have a satisfying hobby for years to come.

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