Pauley Perrette on the Jeff Probst Show

The invitation came just over two weeks ago. But even though I am a big (have they seen a photo of me?) fan of Abby and Pauley and NCIS, I generally can’t dash off to Los Angeles to sit in on chat shows at the drop of a hat. Not that I’d heard of Jeff Probst or his show, but if he wanted Pauley, that’s enough of a recommendation for me.

Now that I’ve seen the finished result, I’m reasonably sure they wouldn’t have wanted me. The audience looked very nice, with the prettiest and youngest at the front, and I doubt there would have been a seat far enough at the back to accommodate me.

Pauley Perrette

Watching it. Yes, that had its problems, just like getting to the show would have. The link is on Twitter, but I live in the wrong place to be allowed. (Don’t tell anyone, but I found it on YouTube.)

This being my Abby season, they couldn’t have timed the interview better (I suspect it was to coincide with the start of NCIS season 10, but Halloween is coming up fast, too.)

Thomas Arklie and Pauley Perrette

Pauley has always been big on crime. Solving it, rather than committing it, obviously. Playing Abby is all based on her dog. And if that leads to the highest Q-rating, why not? Elizabeth Taylor was a big fan, apparently. They talked on the phone. Good thing Pauley went to LA ‘for the pilot season’ just over ten years ago. Nothing to do with planes, however.

She works full time on NCIS. And then she works full time with her 30 charities, because you can never go wrong being kind to people.

Thomas Arklie and Pauley Perrette

Boyfriend Thomas Arklie was there, and he does seem like a very nice man. British. Ex-marine. Says it all, really. (Still trying to work out who he reminded me of, though.) They have fun together.

Thomas Arklie, Pauley Perrette and Jeff Probst

I have to admit to having found the Jeff Probst Show much better than I’d expected. Nice interview technique. And his Dad likes Pauley.

But the biggest surprise was to find that Pauley has curly hair. Who’d have thought?

Pauley Perrette

(All photos © the Jeff Probst Show.)


One response to “Pauley Perrette on the Jeff Probst Show

  1. Does he remind you of Jeff Goldblum?

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