NCIS – Recovery

It wasn’t really, was it? At least not for Ducky, who had to storm off in a most un-Ducky-like manner. And are the team mentally recovered from the explosion, or not? Dr Wolf was so like Dr Cranston as it’s possible to be, without being her. Maybe a little milder, unless he’s just biding his time.



I was going to say all this mandatory psycho-evaluation stuff is so unlikely, except I suppose a US federal employer needs to offer, or insist on, the soft touch for their employees. It’s mandatory. Even for directors on guilt trips.

Had it not been referring back to the bomb, this could have been any old NCIS case; let’s find the killer, but let’s find them even more because the victim was one of our own. There were plenty of new temporary characters who might have done it, but I did want it to be the ‘interior decorator’ except it was hard to come up with a good reason for her to be the murderer. Felt that the armoury chap’s stitches looked too fresh, to be four months old.

But I mustn’t complain, because we finally – yes, finally – got to investigate Abby’s long lost brother Kyle. And now that he has proven himself beyond doubt to share the Abby-genes (what a scene that was, in Gibbs’s house!) the question is whether he will become almost regular, or never be seen again.

Kyle and Gibbs

Because we don’t want him to pop up as either a victim or a suspect in some future episode! Have you got that?

Perhaps Abby can return to autopsy now. If not to sleep, at least to do her job.

(Photos © CBS)


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