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Batty Halloween


I’ll just get the sweets out…

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The crossbones and skulls top

I have no idea when this is from, but probably not Halloween. Who cares? Abby’s clothes are always right. And never more right than in October.


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Another shot at the spider web tattoo

A little bit hazy, but a good view of Abby’s spider web tattoo.


Halloween is still on its way.

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Halloween getting even closer

Abby as Marilyn

Abby in white. And blonde. Very Halloween. Poor McGee.

McGee, Abby and DiNozzo

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Halloween countdown

High time for Abby pics! Here is one with no tattoo. She’s got Ducky instead.

Ducky and Abby

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Lena – how she lives now

You know how it is. The girl who lived down the road and who sang the most beautiful songs as you skipped rope together is discovered and becomes a star almost overnight. Your lives go in different directions, and forty years later one of you (that would be me) thinks it’d be good to interview the other one (Lena Andersson, or Lena Hubbard as she is today), to find out what she did after stardom.

Lena Hubbard

Lena always had a fantastic voice, so it was more circumstance – like the birth of ABBA – than any lack of talent that had her career fade away some years later. But I’m never sure if teen fame is a good thing, so it might have been for the best.

Ten years ago Lena married Tobe Hubbard and moved to America with him. And a couple of years ago we met up again, online, and I had my idea of interviewing her. She rarely travels to Sweden these days, and I travel to the US even more rarely, so an email interview was inevitable. But it’s OK; we have our shared skipping background.

This is mainly about her present life. We – some of us, anyway – know about her famous past. It’s interesting to find out what Lena does now.

(For good measure I interviewed Lena twice. Once for each language, so here are two interviews for the price of one! English. Swedish.)

Slow conversion

I am slowly – very slowly – converting LPs to mp3. It’s not as though it’s hard to do, nor do I own hundreds of LPs.

But each normal length LP probably requires an hour’s attention to convert, and that is less easy to find than I had imagined. You need to sit with the record deck and the laptop as it plays, and click new track for each new track. If I were to do anything else at the same time I’d just forget, and end up having to do it all over again. So, false economy with time.

At first I only intended to do my Roger Whittaker albums, since a surprising number of his songs only exist on vinyl, and I noticed I was forgetting some of them because they weren’t part of the iPod shuffle.

Joan Baez

But as I discovered how good I felt reconnecting with his albums, I decided I would do all my LPs, unless I already had them in a newer format. So I am mixing Roger with all the other old albums. I did a Pete Seeger one the other day, and have been enjoying my first Joan Baez double album from forty years ago.

When I persuaded the Resident IT Consultant it would be a good idea to convert, I fondly imagined an LP a week would be a realistic goal. With my current speed (or lack thereof) I’ll be forever doing this. But at least I will have a satisfying hobby for years to come.