NCIS – Extreme Prejudice

It was very sweet to have Gibbs looking around for Abby, sighing with relief when she appeared to be unhurt. But it was hardly necessary, or even realistic, seeing as he jumped on top of her to protect her in the explosion, ‘mere hours’ before. He’d know she was safe, unless he had squashed her in his role as shining white Special Agent.

Abby and Gibbs

Continuity, writers! If you knew how you wanted the season to start, why have Gibbs jump, back in May? If you didn’t, why not have a peep to see what did happen in the last episode? Or ask a fan?*

Navy Yard

McGee and Gibbs

It was nice to be back, despite this and the dust and destruction. Gibbs had a most fetching injury to his forehead, whereas McGee was woozy and weird, and with much more reason. Ziva and DiNozzo were locked into yet another box. It’s getting a bit repetitive. Surely we can have them close by other means, if that’s what we want?

DiNozzo and Ziva

And if the President tells SecNav to get those who did this, they will. I suspect they would have, anyway. The end was strange. Could they really not come up with something a bit more convincing?

Ducky was all right, as far as all rightness was possible. Not sure what the new Mrs Palmer thought about Palmer spending all that time holding Ducky’s hand. Having Palmer do Ducky’s job, with not even an assistant at his side, feels very Hollywood. Since Brian Dietzen is a regular now, I’m guessing he’s taking over. He has had eight and a half years at Ducky’s side, so why not? But why not before?


I like the new intro. They look so very determined, and Ducky is there. Here’s looking forward to the rest of what will be a great season ten.

NCIS season 10

*Me, me!

(Photos © CBS)

One response to “NCIS – Extreme Prejudice

  1. I simply love this show: after 10 years, I should by now! I think the overarching storyline along with resolving cases in each episode makes this show the hit that it is. The formula is used with other shows too like Criminal Minds, another favorite of mine. I was telling my DISH coworker about one mistake I saw, like you, when Gibbs is looking around for Abby. What I didn’t notice were the old CRT monitors; like anyone has those any more! I’m so busy though, so the time I save by watching commercial free with Auto Hop on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings is invaluable to me. Sometimes I start late, go to bed early, or even have time to watch another show.

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