What can you change?

I hadn’t really considered that aspect of things before. If you – fictionally – blow up something that exists in real life, what exactly can you can you permit yourself to do? Having been led to believe that the Navy Yard is the real deal, you surely can’t add the need to rebuild it or to move NCIS?


(Admittedly, I’ve been getting tired of the two men who repeatedly walk into the building at around seven o’clock for the past nine years. You’d think the two men must be getting tired, too.)

So, in order to speculate (something I never engage in…) about season ten of NCIS, the bomb didn’t do too much damage to the workplace of our team. Nothing a good clean-up won’t deal with. Maybe it was the fact that several of the actors needed their contracts renewing, which meant they were given the option of perishing in the explosion.

We now know they are all coming back, including Brian Dietzen who has been upgraded to regular. Perhaps he really will take over from Ducky? Seeing as David McCallum already had renewed his contract, it makes sense to believe he survived. We know he did, now. But it sounds as if his role will change, and he might go down a new path of sorts. Leaving Palmer to chat to the corpses?

Ziva and DiNozzo

I gather Abby will find her new brother again. Not before time, that. Creepy Dr Ryan is gone, although not necessarily forever. DiNozzo Sr is supposed to visit again.

That is, if Junior ever gets out of the elevator with Ziva. Eli David is rumoured to be back as well.

So, all in the family. Rather like season nine. Let’s hope the writing improves.

(Photos © CBS)


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