NCIS beginnings and ends – Aliyah and Truth or Consequences

Aliyah is strong in that it was a tough decision for Gibbs to leave Ziva behind in Israel, but there is something in the way she behaves that’s not quite Ziva. Too soft. Too furtive. She must have known she couldn’t do what she did and just remain as though nothing had happened.

DiNozzo and Gibbs


McGee and Abby

The scene where DiNozzo is interviewed by Eli David is priceless. DiNozzo is often most annoying when in ‘DiNozzo mode’ but this is good. Clearly thought out, and with a purpose, and it works.

And then you counter the ‘old’ Ziva with the one in Truth or Consequences, and even more so, DiNozzo as the knight in shining white armour. Still fooling around, but again, with a purpose.

The rescue mission might not be terribly likely or realistic, but it’s very enjoyable. And in-between the heroics and the violence, there is the day-to-day humour, as told by DiNozzo. The hiring of a replacement for Ziva is so well done. We know they won’t really do it, but it half looks like they might.

The needle in the haystack, the anomaly, the Caf-Pow. It’s different. And the way Vance allows Gibbs and his team to do what they want to do, without using words.

‘How was your summer?’ must count as the understatement of what even DiNozzo would say at the end of a long separation. But the humour deals far better with the harsh reality of how Ziva’s summer was, than any amount of sympathy would have done.

Ziva, DiNozzo and Gibbs

Even though the ending to season six is weak-ish, you are still left wanting to know what happens next. As a beginning, season seven is one of the best. It was worth waiting for.

(Photos © CBS)

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