Roger Whittaker tours again

Only a little, but still.

Roger Whittaker 2013 tour

There had been rumours. I even had an email from superfan Ane Marie the other day, musing about the if and the when. And now we know.

It is noteworthy that nearly every venue is in old East Germany. That’s where the fans are. As always happens when news of a German tour appears, fans ask Roger to come to their part of the world, without realising that he just can’t tour as though he’s 35 again. To be able to hear Roger live in concert at all is a blessing. To demand he comes to your city is not going to work.

Roger Whittaker concert

If most of Roger’s fans were to be found in Alabama (say), then I’m sure that’s where he’d go. But nowhere beats eastern Germany, and that’s a fact. Take a holiday. Find out what Germany is like. Roger is especially fond of Dresden. Beautiful old city.

You too can dance in the aisles, singing Ein Bisschen Aroma at the top of your voice. It’s good.

Roger Whittaker, Cologne


2 responses to “Roger Whittaker tours again

  1. I never except anyone to come to my city – one of the advantages in living in somewhere small/dull/insert adjective of choice. Very pleasant here, though!

    I might make it to Hamburg – who knows. The problem is always getting home again afterwards!

  2. Who’d want to go home again?
    I’m trying to decide if I can possibly go, and if so, where. I know none of the cities, except I have changed trains in Hamburg… Forty years ago. Dresden strikes me as interesting, but it’s not easy to get to from here.

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