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Brothers, eh?

I didn’t grow up with one, so wouldn’t know. But I have brought one up, and I can see that sometimes brothers might be somewhat annoying.

Even when I was a small child, Uncle was an adult. Prone to jokes and pranks, but still an ‘old man.’ I was quite surprised when Mother-of-witch told me about the milk jug. It was very nice, apparently, but it died one day when her six-year-old self was doing the washing up.

Her pesky older brother (12) teased her. She in turn attempted to throw water over him, by means of this jug, which was being washed. It slipped out of her hand and broke.

Now, I was very surprised to see a new side to Uncle, finding that he had not always been an old man. It’s worth remembering that most old(er) men have once been annoying little boys.

Happy 94th Birthday, to this former little boy! He has lost all four sisters, but not his sense of the ridiculous. If he could, I’m sure he’d still annoy girls with milk jugs.

NCIS – Extreme Prejudice

It was very sweet to have Gibbs looking around for Abby, sighing with relief when she appeared to be unhurt. But it was hardly necessary, or even realistic, seeing as he jumped on top of her to protect her in the explosion, ‘mere hours’ before. He’d know she was safe, unless he had squashed her in his role as shining white Special Agent.

Abby and Gibbs

Continuity, writers! If you knew how you wanted the season to start, why have Gibbs jump, back in May? If you didn’t, why not have a peep to see what did happen in the last episode? Or ask a fan?*

Navy Yard

McGee and Gibbs

It was nice to be back, despite this and the dust and destruction. Gibbs had a most fetching injury to his forehead, whereas McGee was woozy and weird, and with much more reason. Ziva and DiNozzo were locked into yet another box. It’s getting a bit repetitive. Surely we can have them close by other means, if that’s what we want?

DiNozzo and Ziva

And if the President tells SecNav to get those who did this, they will. I suspect they would have, anyway. The end was strange. Could they really not come up with something a bit more convincing?

Ducky was all right, as far as all rightness was possible. Not sure what the new Mrs Palmer thought about Palmer spending all that time holding Ducky’s hand. Having Palmer do Ducky’s job, with not even an assistant at his side, feels very Hollywood. Since Brian Dietzen is a regular now, I’m guessing he’s taking over. He has had eight and a half years at Ducky’s side, so why not? But why not before?


I like the new intro. They look so very determined, and Ducky is there. Here’s looking forward to the rest of what will be a great season ten.

NCIS season 10

*Me, me!

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NCIS beginnings and ends – Pyramid and Nature of the Beast

There is no question but I found this pair the weak link of all the NCIS season starters and endings. Doesn’t mean they are no good, and several viewings later, Pyramid is growing on me, if not literally.

Gibbs and FBI Agent Stratton

Watching Nature of the Beast recently was a better experience, too. I suspect because we had seen Stratton die (or had we?) and we had belatedly grown fonder of him than we ought to have. And seeing Kate’s sister yet again had ceased to be news, so was more OK.

But I never took to EJ’s team. She felt fake, and any problems they had were none of my business. There might have been no nepotism, but I don’t believe the satnav connection was pure chance.

Abby was too fond of Cade. It felt like too much telling and less showing. New satnav (yes, I do know that’s not his job description, exactly) is not marvellous. I like the actor but not the boss of the navy.

The star of Pyramid is Palmer. Out of character, but wonderful nevertheless.

Gibbs, Ducky and Palmer

And the question I am left with is if they really have that many double-crossing people in all those American alphabet agencies in real life? I know we don’t trust them, but it’s still got the feel of fictional tool.

I didn’t spend last summer waiting with bated breath to see what would happen. As always with friends, I wanted to see the team again. But the action was of little importance.

This summer I’ve been too busy to think much about what will happen. But Till Death Do Us Part at least ended with a bang…

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Going Down(ton)

My heart sank after watching the first new episode of Downton Abbey. Not enough to make me give up, but I did have my doubts. Chatting to Daughter on the phone 15 minutes before the second episode began last night, she said she didn’t think she’d bother. At least not last night. Maybe watch online later. Maybe. And she’s someone who doesn’t give up easily.

Shirley MacLaine in Downton Abbey

Reading an interview with Shirley MacLaine in the Guardian a few weeks ago, I felt so certain we were going to get great stuff. The first week there wasn’t a single spark between her and Maggie Smith. No spark anywhere. Mary and Matthew behaved like silly children. We’d worried the wedding would be off again, forgetting that you can so easily have turmoil (or childish quarrels) within a marriage.

I might have to inform Daughter she should watch again. It was a lot better last night. We laughed a few times. There are still things people wouldn’t have said or even known about back then. But if you can’t put 21st century concerns into a period drama, what can you do?

Having sort of known Mary was an idiot, it wasn’t until she talked with her American granny that I fully realised it. And Alfred looks very much like poor William, don’t you think? As for His Lordship suddenly cottoning on to his valet’s lack of popularity…

NCIS beginnings and ends – Rule Fifty-One and Spider and the Fly

We’re getting closer to a ‘real’ beginning, so time to crack on. I loved season seven. Looking back, I’m slightly less keen on the last episodes. There is something not quite right about the Mexican set-up. A little on the far-fetched side.

But as cliffhangers go, seeing Jackson Gibbs in his shop with Paloma, it’s a good one. The continuation in season eight is less satisfying, especially the way the Mexican siblings problem is resolved. And Gibbs is a bit too remote and unfeeling, seeing as he doesn’t exactly have a clean conscience himself.

Rule 51, sometimes you’re wrong.

Gibbs sr

We don’t want Gibbs Sr to die. But it’s worth keeping in mind that although the Reynosa family are crooks, they had a right to love their father, too.

But there is humour even in these two episodes. Like when DiNozzo and Ziva are wondering how they will find Gibbs, and he is just standing there, waiting for them. Ducky going on about golf, as you do, while dissecting the dead.

Loved Abby’s outfit. Possibly not your typical afternoon tea style, but still…

Abby and Ducky

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What can you change?

I hadn’t really considered that aspect of things before. If you – fictionally – blow up something that exists in real life, what exactly can you can you permit yourself to do? Having been led to believe that the Navy Yard is the real deal, you surely can’t add the need to rebuild it or to move NCIS?


(Admittedly, I’ve been getting tired of the two men who repeatedly walk into the building at around seven o’clock for the past nine years. You’d think the two men must be getting tired, too.)

So, in order to speculate (something I never engage in…) about season ten of NCIS, the bomb didn’t do too much damage to the workplace of our team. Nothing a good clean-up won’t deal with. Maybe it was the fact that several of the actors needed their contracts renewing, which meant they were given the option of perishing in the explosion.

We now know they are all coming back, including Brian Dietzen who has been upgraded to regular. Perhaps he really will take over from Ducky? Seeing as David McCallum already had renewed his contract, it makes sense to believe he survived. We know he did, now. But it sounds as if his role will change, and he might go down a new path of sorts. Leaving Palmer to chat to the corpses?

Ziva and DiNozzo

I gather Abby will find her new brother again. Not before time, that. Creepy Dr Ryan is gone, although not necessarily forever. DiNozzo Sr is supposed to visit again.

That is, if Junior ever gets out of the elevator with Ziva. Eli David is rumoured to be back as well.

So, all in the family. Rather like season nine. Let’s hope the writing improves.

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Ducky and David

Palmer and Ducky

This man isn’t 79. This is Donald Mallard, aka Ducky. It’s hard to determine his age, when you know how old David McCallum is. But I’d say close to 65. After all, Ducky has been ‘too old’ for almost ten years now.

The man who is 79 today is David, the actor. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Just as well he’s getting a hug. I’d give him one too, if he was here. Or I there. Or even both of us somewhere else.

Happy 79th!