Crown Princess Victoria is 35

and I am fairly sure only Mark Levengood would be capable of both spouting such sweet endearments at the heir to the Swedish throne, while also insulting her offspring ever so slightly. I believe I have just heard him say Princess Estelle has a very little brain (none, actually), but because she has a tiny bit of Finnish blood in her on her father’s side, Mark is sure Estelle will grow up a decent little pinecone. (The translation might leave something to be desired…)

Those loving Swedes have long celebrated Victoria’s birthday on the 14th July by throwing a concert outside the royal summer residence on Öland, letting people pay to listen, with the money going to ‘children in need’ to borrow a British concept.

Queen Silvia, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle and Crown Princess Victoria

First we could see the King leading his people in singing and hurrah-ing (four times) to his firstborn, and then we saw little Estelle being walked round the park in the company of her parents. And as Mark began by talking about the day Victoria was born, he sort of called the King names. I believe the King missed the birth, but luckily the Queen was present.

They have lined up (some of) the cream of Swedish entertainment to sing and play for their Majesties, although my own Princess has voiced doubts about some of them. Nothing to do with me. I’ve been out of the country most of this time. And she is struggling with Mark’s Moomin accent.

At the start of the programme (did I mention this is all on television?) we could see Victoria play a game of wheelchair basketball with children who are at the receiving end of some of her trust money.

The royal family is looking pretty happy, with both Vistoria and Daniel and the King clapping and nodding and half singing. We have just seen a limegreen-trousered singer rush off the stage towards the Princess to engage her in his song. (In other countries people would be arrested for less.)

Eurovision winner Loreen is getting Euphoric, and other stars here are Ulrik Munther, Danny, After Shave, Agnes, and Rigmor Gustavsson, most of whom I don’t actually know. But it’s all nice enough. And although the rain has started, the Royal family is not yet covered in plastic.


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