Happy Birthdays, Toms!

I am fascinated by the pattern of birthdays. Do I believe there is anything in this idea that being born at a certain time means you share traits with others born around then? Yes, I do. Very unscientific, but better than flying saucers. Which – of course – I also believe in.

So that is why I have to read the birthdays in my paper, and if I’m lucky I’m not reading yesterday’s paper. Couldn’t help noticing the two Toms who each have a significant birthday to celebrate today. (Somehow it would have been less pleasing to my mind if they’d been uneven birthdays or unevenly spaced.)

Although, is Tom Cruise enjoying is 5oth right now? Maybe. Perhaps he is relieved. Or sad. I don’t know. I’m not a fan.

I am a fan of Tom Stoppard’s however, so happy 75th to you! I used to read every play he wrote back in the olden days. Less time for that now, but I wouldn’t mind revisiting some of them, preferably on the stage.

And what could it be that unites you, other than the name Tom? Fame, I suppose.

2 responses to “Happy Birthdays, Toms!

  1. Happy birthday, Tom Stoppard, indeed! Saw his The Real Thing last Saturday, second time in around thirty years and as relevant as ever…

  2. Lucky you! I think that’s the one I saw starring John Thaw. But that was a few years ago.

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