Being Monk

Last night we returned to watching Monk with our pizza. After an exhausting day it seemed the perfect thing to do. Dinner delivered to our door, and 40 minutes in front of the television with a DVD.

It was the episode in season two where Monk lets the Captain move in for a while, driving both of them crazy, and with Monk up cleaning through the nights. The Resident IT Consultant fell asleep as soon as the pizza had been eaten, so never saw ‘who did it.’ I suppose it didn’t matter.

This morning I woke up late to find myself being Monk in the kitchen, even before sitting down to my cereal. Jelly-making was going on, and there was sugar on the floor, and I just couldn’t sit down to eat like that.

I’m a bit OCD, but hadn’t expected last night’s episode to become reality so soon.


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