Hungry in Covent Garden

We went to Bistro 1 again, yesterday. Visits haven’t been quite as frequent recently as they first were, but we still like it. Bistro 1 might not be the best, but it’s better than most.

I forget which year it was I took Offspring to Neal Street for the shoe shops. They were old enough to appreciate such things, and they shopped for shoes to an extent that would have had Mother-of-witch and Favourite Aunt weeping with pride, had they only been able to witness this from ‘the other side.’ Perhaps they did?

And then we got hungry, and I didn’t know Covent Garden very well as an area. But I reasoned that there is always a Pizza Hut. There was. Were. Plural. But as we headed towards one, we saw this other place and decided to investigate. Miracle of miracles, it had several things on the menu that Daughter would eat, including one of her most favourite starters. And the prices were good.

What’s more, the waiters were both friendly and efficient. You might get one or the other, but rarely both. The Eastern Mediterranean food, and many vegetarian options, makes a nice change from pizzas, and pizzas, and even pasta, when it’s less good, as it can often be at the cheaper end of eating places. Mezze is great. Moussaka, even for an aubergine hater, is good. The pancake with so much filling that you can’t possibly eat it all, is also fine.

We’ve always had a good meal there. The two course deal is good value, to say nothing of the three courses you won’t have room for. They don’t mess up your evening out by taking too long, and delaying you. Even with a party of twenty at the next table, you’ll get to the theatre on time.

Since we aren’t in London as often as we used to be, and we don’t always require a sit-down meal when we are, we go less often. As I said. But it’s top of the list for when we do need food.

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