Konditori crawling

That’s a more dignified version of a pub crawl.

Dodo likes having coffee out in Sweden. She reckons it’s one of the best things about this country, and I’m tempted to agree with her. Although, I have to eat something with my coffee (tea in my case), which will be why I sometimes mention large size clothes.

In the ten days Dodo and Son were with us this time, they checked in at so many coffee places on facebook that you could be forgiven for thinking that’s all they did. (And if it was me, I’d keep quiet about it.)

We ‘crawled’ to some places together, and when we did things separately, they managed to fit in an admirable number of coffee holes. At one point I texted to see if they were joining us for pizza for lunch. They would, was the reply, when they’d finished their elevenses.

As for me it’s probably a good thing we are going home today. That Banana Bend I had with my tea on Tuesday morning wasn’t strictly speaking necessary. But it was nice. And it’s funny how people know for a fact that ‘Englishmen’ drink only tea. That will be why the server placed the mug for tea in front of the Resident IT Consultant, although he was eagerly awaiting his coffee.

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