When we arrived at the start of the holiday I found that my great grandparents had had a fall. Not as bad as it sounds. The only thing broken was the glass covering the photo. And perhaps a little at the corners of the frame.

Great grandparents' picture frame

But then, that frame must be in the region of 125 years old. Give or take. It has my permission to fall, and to break the glass and for the wood to look a bit iffy.

Great grandparents' picture frame, tape

Great grandparents' picture frame

It was only as Daughter set about giving it some first aid that she realised the tape she was pulling off the back was 19th century tape. As for me I was intrigued to note that the photographer’s studio was situated on the same street corner in Gothenburg where I used to work. (Not that I worked on the street corner..!)

Odd that they fell down just now. I’d mentioned them while discussing the family tree with Eldest Cousin. Maybe they heard me and were scandalised that I shared certain information with her. She, in turn, was more than surprised to find I knew which year our grandmother – their daughter – was born. I just know these things. (1880, since you didn’t ask.)

I got the staple gun out and while Daughter held tight, I shot modern staples through the ancient wood. We decided to make do without new glass, so Daughter assembled the the layers and put new string on (since it was the old string that broke and made them fall in the first place) and hung them back on the wall, above their son-in-law’s bureau.

Great grandparents' picture

They look as good as new, for such old people. (Their age is one fact I don’t know, but I’m guessing around 1850.)


2 responses to “Old

  1. This photo is lovely. One issue with having a family history of migration-in-a-hurry is that you don’t get to see this things. I have two photos of my grandfather on my father’s side as a child, and nothing else – not of his sister, his parents etc. (This is nothing compared to the fact that it took 49 years before Grandpa knew how and where is mother and sister had died, but a few photos of previous generations would be nice to have.)

  2. I have an old album of photos that you can have! By now I barely know any of them at all, and they need a new home.
    I’m only half joking, too, because a cousin of the Resident IT Consultant’s, who got fed up with their lack of memorabilia, reputedly went out and bought herself some. Photos, diaries, etc.

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