Mork & Mindy

It was mainly curiosity that made me want to see what Mork & Mindy was like. I remember it used to be on television during our television-less days, which is as good an excuse as any for not having watched it at the time.

So, thirty years on, I have sampled the first two episodes, and, well…

Interesting, is one word. Typical for its period, is another. I don’t know if I would have liked it then. I have definitely outgrown that style of show by now, although I noticed the Resident IT Consultant looking relaxed and amused.

Come to think of it, he knows what it’s like to share your home with an alien.

Mork & Mindy

I used to enjoy Robin Williams on Sesame Street, but have had little patience with him in most other things. And I found him very tiresome as Mork. Amusingly agile, standing on his head, and with funny alien lines, observing us humans being absurd. But an annoying voice. And his outlandish clothes seem quite normal now.

The biggest surprise for me was Pam Dawber, who acted far better than I’d expected for an early effort like this. I might have imagined someone beautiful, but not much more. Loved her clothes, and then there’s the ‘best hair on television’ again.

And why do all homes in US sitcoms look the same? I’m assuming American homes aren’t styled like that, with large sofa in the centre, and door behind it through which all kinds of weird people come and go? Also guessing the pilot had the ten minutes with Fonzie to make people like it. Incomprehensible to me, who don’t know him except through hearsay.

I’d better stop now, hadn’t I? I liked Pam, and some of the humour was was fun.

One more thing. Mork’s hair grew alarmingly in the second episode, only to shrink back to what it was. Blooper, or is that alien hair? (Mine doesn’t do that.)


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