To India

With that Prague win still smarting, I was amazed to find Son winning a pair of plane tickets recently. Now, those tickets were more my kind. They were to anywhere. Anywhere with bmi, that is, but still anywhere.

He needed to discard anywhere that he deemed too risky, war zones and the like. He also didn’t want to go anywhere boring in Europe (see!), so finally settled on Amritsar. Being past the baysitting stage I didn’t have much to say about it, and I wasn’t in the running as travel companion, or anything.

Luckily he and Dodo are just back from their Indian adventure. The tickets might have been free, but Son is a true son of mine, so he has been shopping. He is now almost better at shopping than I am. And they travelled within India. A lot.


But on the whole I am glad this win didn’t fizzle out into nothingness. If it wasn’t for the fact that it is so far away, I wouldn’t mind going to stay with the maharaja’s grandson, either. Below is a television programme featuring not just the maharaja’s house in Shimla, but also a lot of trains. That’s another thing we like as much as shopping. Trains.

And I got to do a (possibly very boring for others) series on Indian books over on Bookwitch. That was fun, too.

Trying not to be too jealous over the food they’ve eaten, while rejoicing over my gift of Darjeeling First Flush Moonbeam something or other tea.


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