NCIS – Rekindled

Yes. This was better! It’s looking more and more like it’s down to the scriptwriters, whether or not NCIS is any good. It makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is letting people loose on scripts that they then actually make into real episodes when they are not quite up to it. Or has whoever decides these things – Shane Brennan? – given up on quality control?


You can’t fool long term fans. We love, and we love a lot, but there are limits. The Missionary Position was dreadful in more ways than the title, and written by a newbie. I’m unusual in that I don’t object to Gibbs having a love interest, and I found Dr Ryan a pretty good match the first time she turned up. But what’s this ridiculous rubbish? Silly woman and uncharacteristically soppy/sloppy Gibbs.

DiNozzo and Jason

It was serious DiNozzo this time. Quite an interesting look at his early past, and quite a young looking young DiNozzo, too. ‘He made a difference.’ And the mention of a female lead us all astray, because we know our Tony, or think we do. ‘Practical playboy. Crime scene chic!’ They were nice boots.

According to Pauley Perrette on Twitter we need to pay attention through all last four episodes of season nine. Well, I did my best. The fire theme seems to continue at least one more week. So far it doesn’t strike me as interesting enough for a finale, but please surprise me! I don’t mind in the least to be proven wrong.

Rekindled. Yes, that works in more ways than one, and describes my hopes for the next three episodes as well. Fanime. Or ‘fanimej’ as we Swedes say.


(Photos © CBS)

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