The Hunger Games

Our calculations were correct, and by hitting Cineworld before the end of school on Friday we avoided most of the noisy clientele you’d expect for The Hunger Games. It really is quite a film!

Not having read the books, I was looking forward to seeing the film, both as a shortcut to the story without the need to read, and also because it has actually been said to be a good film. That’s not the norm for YA novels, these days.

The Hunger Games - Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth

It’s refreshing to find an actress like Jennifer Lawrence whom I don’t dislike on first sight. She couldn’t have been more perfect for the part of Katniss, and many others were also really good choices. I’m still working on what I think of Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth as the boys who will get to fight to the bitter end over the lovely Katniss, but Woody Harrelson’s boozy mentor was great, and I even stopped hating Effie Trinket after a while.

Gushing show hosts are always off-putting and none more so than the sleazebag they had in for the Hunger Games, at opposite ends from Donald Sutherland’s president. But whatever anyone was there for, they seemed to be just right.

The Hunger Games - Josh Hutcherson

The premise of a competition between teenagers who have been forced to take part, where the winner is the one surviving until the end, is a disgusting one. But just as the competitors have to harden themselves, so the audience grows more callous, and you don’t seem to mind so much. The bad ones ‘deserve’ to die and the good ones who die do so for ‘the greater good,’ which is for Katniss to survive.

We know she has to. Not only because she is the main character, but because there are more books, and presumably more films to come.

It’s a glittering future dystopia, where the well-off fools rule the real people. The question is how long until we get there ourselves. Perhaps we’ll be all right. We’ve got our Mockingjay pin.

2 responses to “The Hunger Games

  1. NIcely put. Can’t wait for the film to arrive in my area.

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