Hot and cross

Those hot cross buns are creeping closer and closer. My first problem with them has been to learn they are not for lent. My second problem is not to serve them on Easter Sunday. Well, I suppose there isn’t a problem in doing that, so much as in disappointing the Resident IT Consultant on Good Friday, when he really expected them.

But I’m slowly getting there.

Another thing I’ve learned over the years (almost 30, since you didn’t ask) is not to bake them myself. I’m good at baking. I’m just no good at baking something where I have no basic understanding of what I am aiming for. Yes, I have eaten them. But I have no idea what a very good, homemade, traditional hot cross bun might be like. So I gave up on that.

Bought, and served on Good Friday is my goal. So picture my confusion in August last year when I returned from holiday to find a half eaten (and inadequately wrapped) packet of them in the freezer. OK, it was better they were in the freezer than moulding away in the bread bin.

But where had they come from? I left the kitchen in a hot cross bun-free state in July, and the Resident IT Consultant and Son only had a few days in which to cause mayhem, before they joined me on holiday. Seems that was enough. I re-wrapped the buns, deciding to check on their edible-ness when the right time of year came round.

That was a couple of weeks ago when Son visited, and I felt we were decently close to Easter. The buns were OK, actually. They had been reduced from £1.10 to 60p, so I could see Son’s hand in all of this. He’s keen on bargains, and it’s hardly surprising that Tesco’s customers didn’t buy them in mid-July, thus leaving them ripe for reduction.

Anyway, we enjoyed our cheap treat for tea, and then it was time to send someone out to buy more, what with Good Friday getting closer. I’m just glad I solved the puzzle of my unseasonal freezer guests. Now I wish could teach people how to wrap food. (It’s not so much the teaching; it’s the learning how. And remembering.)

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