Due South

Due South

Ah, those polite Canadians! I’m so ignorant that I didn’t know they are especially polite until it was mentioned in the pilot episode of Due South. In which case I’m sure it’s correct. I knew Canadians don’t want to be continually mistaken for Americans, but the bit about manners was new to me.

I was fairly certain that Due South was a television series from about five years ago. Proves how fast time goes, as it’s getting closer to twenty years by now. But never mind that. I’m just glad I discovered it, however belatedly. And really, it’s mainly the size of mobile phones which has changed.

For anyone under the impression that I am mentioning Due South today because it happened to be Lucy Mangan’s choice of DVD-box this week, I have to say you are wrong. I may have been late with my discovering, but I did it just before Christmas, and lovely Son went and supplied me with the whole caboodle, and now the Resident IT Consultant and I can enjoy an episode whenever we need entertainment featuring an over-polite Canadian Mountie on Chicago’s mean streets.

I even watched the pilot twice, as Daughter was out the first time and I felt a compulsion to introduce her to RCMP Benton Fraser. She politely said it was fine, but she didn’t see any need for watching every single episode. She must be a little Canadian.

Apart from being a wee bit too handsome for my liking, Benton is a sweet thing, holding doors open for old ladies and being able to chase people for miles, not getting lost either in the wilderness of Chicago or in the vast, empty spaces in Canada. His wolf Diefenbaker is deaf and lip-reads, except sometimes I notice he seems to hear after all.

Once he got to Chicago Benton was paired off with smooth Italian detective Ray Vecchio, whose dress sense seems stuck in the 1980s. But he’s a nice man, once he gets used to the Mountie ways of doing things.

Well, what can I say? Being late I haven’t watched the whole series yet. But I will, and I intend to enjoy every step of the way. Starting with our pasta dinner tonight. (That’s the drawback. I have to think of meals that are easily eaten in front of the television.) And I’m a little disappointed to find they didn’t film in Chicago after all. It’s Toronto. Oh well.

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