NCIS: Los Angeles – Kensi x 2

The two-parter about Kensi and her Dad proved to be another well written story for the LA arm of NCIS. True, it was another one with family involved, but it worked. We became suitably suspicious of Assistant Director Granger. Is he another Vance or not? That’s the question. To dislike, only to like later? Or not?

NCIS: Los Angeles - Deeks and Granger

At least we have now had Kensi’s past sorted and she can be anguished about real crime in the present. Although, I expect we will get the past of some of the others. Callen might be done, but we could do more with Sam and Deeks. Maybe.

I wasn’t worried about Kensi’s future in NCIS, so didn’t have to freak out after the first of the two episodes. I could tell the shooting was about to happen and that it was probably planned in some way.

Less sure how they managed to clean up the house of you-know-who at the end. It can only have been a case of hours and usually crime scenes remain just that for some time. It would be good if fewer people were actually killed in this series. Surely it should be possible to shoot to disable more often?

And we had an armed Nell out with the others!


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