We want Rejseholdet!

And we want it now. Are you listening, BBC4? Pretty please?

What I mean is, seeing as British viewers are now clamouring for – almost – anything Danish, especially with a woman at the helm, we could do with a speedy purchase of Rejseholdet, aka Unit 1.

It’s old, so should be affordable, and it would be a pleasant way to spend the time before we get Borgen 2 or Forbrydelsen 3. Has been available in English speaking countries, so should come with ready made subtitles. (Unlike us at CultureWitch Towers who are working with the Danish original, complemented by Swedish subtitles.)


Old, but not too old. They do have mobile phones. And sex. Not to mention a strong woman – Ingrid Dahl – heading her team of Denmark-wide detectives. It’s ideal. I’m surprised no one has thought of it. And if they have, what’s happening?

Just think! 32 episodes of beautiful Danish crime, and the marvellous Charlotte Fich doing a Lund/Nyborg. (And two Troels connections.)

4 responses to “We want Rejseholdet!

  1. Here in Holland, we now can buy the first retailbox of 5 episodes with Dutch subtitles. But maybe that was only initiated by the success of the episodes with dutch subtitles, made by some non-professional enthousiastics, that were available on usenet since 2011. I don’t think Rejseholdet will ever be on Dutch television. The currently available English subtitles are not that well though.

  2. Here in Australia we can buy it (under the Title Unit 1). All series w english subtitles + an interview w Mads M. Easy to access via the Net.

  3. Yes, I already own the DVDs myself, but without English subtitles. I was more referring to the current craze for Nordic television crime in Britain, and feeling they could do a lot worse than show this on BBC4. You just can’t get to anyone on BBC to suggest it, though.

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