Bowery Songs

OK, so afternoon tea sounds a little OTT. But we like that pot of tea we have in the afternoon, usually with toast and jam. It’s sometimes the only time we sit down peacefully in the ‘nicest’ room in the house. It’s a bit crazy, but that’s how it is. Sometimes we even engage in conversation.

If conversation seems too daring there is always music. I generally listen to everything on shuffle on the iPod, so the novelty of putting on a CD and hearing a whole album from start to finish has some value. If it’s to go with the pot of tea I tend to pick a CD that no one will object to.

Joan Baez

One of the ones I pick more and more frequently is Bowery Songs by Joan Baez. The more I hear it, the better it gets. There is something about it that makes me feel calm and happy. And it’s not as if the songs are particularly ‘happy’ as Joan is still protesting all that is bad with society. But she does so with music that is good for the soul.

I try not to pick Bowery Songs every time. In case someone complains.


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