Tom, George and Ian

Who’d have thought it? The younger witch was occasionally starstruck, but never thought anything would come of it. But times change, witches grow up and move abroad, and even take up blogging. With no more ulterior motive than getting to say what she thinks about almost everything.

I did get to se Roger Moore live, in Cheltenham a few years ago. I suppose that would have been an almost impossible dream back when he Sainted his way into our living room. After all, he was an older man. But he does still look very good. And he has a Swedish wife, so I dare say the connection is there, however vague. But I didn’t meet him, and this isn’t about old Ivanhoe.

His successor comes into this, however. I thought Ian Ogilvy was really handsome when he took over the Saintly business. Again, fairly old (sorry!), and pretty much out of reach. But then there is that facebook thing, and I must have been very bored one day, but I found we had friends in common. Also found he had taken up writing children’s books, so I ended up reading and reviewing one, and exchanging the odd message on fb.

Someone I really fancied back in the olden days was George Layton. Fast forward about thirty years, and the temporary residence at Bookwitch Towers of The New Librarian. She did unpaid work in a local bookshop, and one day she came home and told me there had been this old actor doing a school event, and I almost fainted when I heard it was George Layton. (Pearls before swine, that was.) He was here and I had not met him!

But, George now writes children’s books, too, so within months he was back and came to Offspring’s school and I met him and we talked about Ikea’s pickled herring, and I told him that no, I didn’t personally know all those Swedish actors he mentioned. Nice of him to assume, though.

And he came back some more and I saw him several times and felt very nearly blasé about it.

Later still, and same bookshop still, and I came face to face with Tom Conti. He’s another of those ‘old’ actors I used to drool over on television. I thought it was pretty good when I saw him live in a theatre in London (Whose Life Is It, Anyway), but being three feet away from him sort of beats even that.

He too has written a book. (What is it with actors and all this writing?) Not a children’s one, but I read it anyway. He was here to talk about it, and luckily this time it was the actor’s mobile phone which went off, not one of ours.

So, it’s funny how books and time caused these unreachable stars to come within reach of an ordinary witch. And the thing is, once you have met someone like that, the excitement goes away. You’ve seen that they are normal people. Just more famous, maybe a little wealthier, and still good looking.


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