Where is NCIS UK?

Something has happened to NCIS in Britain. Or more correctly, nothing seems to be happening at all. There has been a pattern so far. Season X begins screening at home in the US. Some months later it appears on the non-terrestrial FX channel in the UK. When they’re done with it, Channel Five take over, usually with a season start in January, 16 months behind.

It’s not good, but it is something. Not all people have satellite television. And not all people live in America.

But so far I have seen neither hair nor hide of season eight on terrestrial channels. I happened to notice a query on Twitter regarding this a couple of weeks ago and happily replied that it should be starting any day now. Hah. As if. In fact, the original tweet was from someone who had asked Channel Five, only to be told they don’t divulge that kind of information.

Quite. Why would a television channel want to tell fans about their programmes? They might actually watch them if they knew. The Twitterer pointed out that R2 DVDs of season eight are already for sale in Britain. And that can only mean no one is about to offer it on the small screen.

I suspect that Five have lost (alternatively not sought to buy) their rights to NCIS. They are busy with old repeats on Saturday nights, and that’s good, but not terribly satisfying for keen fans.

Maybe it was felt there would be no one left to watch almost a year and a half later? Maybe it became too expensive, now that it’s the top US show? I tried an online search and got nowhere. I suppose CBS have no need to inform about what other countries do, especially after so much time has passed.

But what are fans to do? (I know. Buy the box of DVDs.)

Cast Promo Season 8 NCIS


8 responses to “Where is NCIS UK?

  1. Hello I am from the uk myself ncis season 9 started on fx about 3 weeks so you can watch it on sky channel 124 (something like that ) although I am aware to everybody has soy or virgin midea it can be watch on channel 5 , but when one was watch a serpossed new episode on channel 5 early it was from season 6 which is stupid they are 3 seasons behind becuse they can’t get the lease in enough time my idea is that if you wan to watch ncis in uk you would have to use fx failing that if you don’t have sky the Internet would be you best bet.
    Kind regards becky

  2. Thanks, Becky. I just wonder why no terrestrial channel has got the rights. It’s weird that such a popular show can be so unknown still in the UK.

  3. Hi there – good news, according to Radio Times, new series starts on Channel 5 next Wednesday 8th. I suppose C5 have been concentrating on Celeb Big Brother …. but I can’t wait for the new series on NCIS – one of the very few programmes I’ve watched all episodes of. (terrestrial showings)

  4. That’s great news, Philip! Thank you.
    It’s a funny old country that feels celebrity programmes beats stuff like NCIS.

  5. Five have of course recently changed owners. It’s very possible that Mr Desmond does not see the same value in NCIS as the previous management – after all, it must be amongst the most expensive imports for Five.

  6. But it is slightly used by the time it gets to Five.

  7. It seems to be correct. NCIS starts on Wednesday 8th on Five. Not that the Guardian felt it was worth flagging in the guide. If it’s not Danish with knitted jumpers…

  8. you guys are awsome i have never missed an episode of ncis i hope i can meet you guys in person one day.

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