The Lost Thing

A 15-minute film wouldn’t normally be on my wishlist for DVDs to watch. But The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan is not your normal film snippet.

Shaun Tan, The Lost Thing

I read the book last year after Shaun won the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, and instantly loved it. The Lost Thing is a picture book, and you don’t always get successful films based on something as short as that.

The more I learned about Shaun and his books and his art, the keener I grew, and knew I had to try and get hold of the film.

This Christmas Daughter and I sat down together to watch, and we both loved it. Daughter now ‘must’ have her own ‘Thing’ to look after. ‘It’s so cute!’ she wailed. And it was. Very. But it’s also so large that it’d be hard to house, which is what the boy in The Lost Thing finds as well.

Narrated by Tim Minchin, it’s so laid-back in tone that it sounds exactly like Shaun himself. You could be fooled into thinking the boy doesn’t care about his new-found Lost Thing, but if he didn’t, he wouldn’t spend all that energy on finding the best solution for Thing.

It may be CGI, but to me it looked exactly like the book, only moving around. Perfect!


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